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TC phone home!

All images ©Lacey Terrell      January 2013 Washington DC.

They're back! THIEVERY CORPORATION in their hometown, Washington DC, twice in one year!
9:30 CLUB  August 15, 16, 17 2013


Currently up at The Center for Fine Art Photography thru Sept 28th
Opening Reception September 6, 2013

 Ilona Szwarc, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Kurt Simonson, Richard Stultz, Tara Bogart, Lydia Goldblatt, Dominik Dunsch, Michelle Geoga, Eran Gilat, Nicolo Sertorio, Suanne Reehm, Deborah Bay 
and moi.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

On the road since November 2012....Website update hiatus!!!

10 West in New Orleans.  June 4, 2013
© Lacey Terrell 

I have been on the road working in Baltimore & NOLA since November. 
Website and more in holding pattern... 
More to come this Summer!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lepidoptera propriedae thru April 13 at Gallery 825 - installation views

Lepidoptera propriedae is a fictional Family of butterflies hand made from photographs of 19th century etiquette texts (among many other materials). What appears to be a collection of butterfly specimens from a far, is actually a collection of rules for prescribed behavior.

These pieces are part of a larger body of work that has been evolving for many years. I employ Victorian sensibilities and conventions as a vehicle to drive my investigation of contemporary concerns regarding identity, the facade and the development of Self within the confines of social expectation. Lewis Carroll once saw a sign that he thought read, “romancement.”  Upon drawing closer he realized it read “roman cement.”  Largely inspired by Lewis Carroll, I too, am interested in the notion that things are often not as they seem.

I am curious about the presentation, perception, and in the end, preservation of Self and the duality (or multiplicity) one embodies. These works refer to the Victorian interest in Natural Sciences and the convention of collecting, whether it be silhouettes, specimens, or photographs. Collections offer a symbol of status, and may also be evidence of an internal desire to contain or be “ordered” in one’s behavior.  By creating these collections out of photographs, not only am I dealing with concepts of image, projection, and representation, I am also able to examine the relation between an outer form (exterior, public self), an inner image (interior, private self), and the elusive space between the two.

While the visual langauge I have created, at first glance, may seem subdued and simple, there are many layers that speak of the necessity to look closer. I am continually prompted to look below the surface of things (at times with Scientific scrutiny); hoping to gain a deeper understanding of why we are how we are, and why one may do what ever it takes to maintain a “proper” appearance externally, sometimes even at the expense of internal conflict.

Lepidoptera = Order name of butterflies and moths.
propriedae = Fictional Family name derived from the word propriety.

*Please note:  I have been phobic of caterpillars for most of my life. This work is not ‘about’ a love of butterflies.  Due to the labor intensiveness of this work, I am only able to make a few pieces at a time.

For pricing and other inquiries, contact me or the Gallery: gallery825@laaa.org

All content and images ©Lacey Terrell 2012.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


image © Lacey Terrell 2011

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